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Compeed Blister Plasters

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COMPEED®’s medium-sized chafing plasters absorb excess moisture and form a protective cushion that provides immediate pain relief and optimal conditions for healing chafing on feet. Available in packages with different quantities.

Hydrocolloid technology

Compeed®’s hydrocolloid technology is an active jelly with moisture-absorbing particles. The thick cushioning redistribute the pressure on the blister, resulting in immediate pain relief. Compeed® has a rounded edge so that it lies evenly on the skin’s surface. This reduces friction and means that the healing process is not interrupted by painful rubbing. Stays in place for several days. The individual’s experience may vary.

The properties of the plaster

Deep cushioning to reduce pressure and prevent painful chafing

Ultra-adhesive and with a rounded edge, so that the Compeed patch follows movements and stays in place for several days

Transparent edges similar to the skin

The form-fitting, waterproof, and breathable design keeps natural moisture in and infection out, so that natural healing happens faster.


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Compeed Blister Plasters
kr 99.00
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