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Burnaid Gel (3,5g x 5)

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First aid for minor burns, scalds, and sunburn.

They are sold in packs of 5.

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How does Burnaid Hydrogel work?
When the burnaid gel is applied to a burn, the gel is suspended on the skin. From the patient’s perspective, they also experience immediate pain relief from the cooling gel and anesthetic properties of the Melaleuca oil.

Further tissue damage is minimized because the coolant in the burnaid gel helps stop the burn. Furthermore, because the property of the gel is 90% water, the gel rehydrates the affected part of the skin. Furthermore, the possibility of secondary infection is minimal because the burn aid gel is sterile and has been proven to have effective biocide properties.

How should it be used?
• Place the burned area under cold running water for 20 minutes.
• Apply gel liberally to the burning area. Do not rub.
• If necessary, cover with a clean, non-adhesive bandage.

The application of the gel helps to reduce the need to administer medication for pain relief. The gel remains “in-situ” on the skin, which enables easy transport to the doctor and can be easily washed off if a further medical examination is required.


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Burnaid Gel (3,5g x 5)
kr 49.00
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