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Anitbac 85% Handdesinfection-50ML

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ANTIBAC Hånddesinfeksjon reper bakterier, ulike virus og sopp som forårsaker blant annet influensa og forkjølelse. Inneholder glyserol som holder hendene myke. Produktet er dermatologisk testet. Parfymefri. Anbefales av Norges Astma og Allergiforbund.


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How to use the product:
For disinfection of hands and skin. pour about a teaspoon of  the hand disinfection and massage into your hands for at least 15 seconds, and you will be completely clean and free of bacteria and viruses.

Highly flammable. Keep out of reach of children. Pregnant and lactating women can use it.

Denatured ethanol, glycerol, and water.


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Anitbac 85% Handdesinfection-50ML
kr 49.00
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